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So You Got a New Puppy...

So you got a puppy for Christmas. Now what? You got this tiny, adorable bundle of floof, and it’s peeing on all your rugs, chewing up all your shoes and barking all night. Whose idea was this? Okay, first things first, time to call in a certified dog trainer to get this puppy in gear.

You’re going to need a few things to keep your sanity intact, and to turn this little toothy terror into a pillar of the canine community.

  1. A crate. Dogs are den animals, and when done correctly, crate training is the best thing you can do for both your dog and yourself. Your dog’s safety and security relies on having a cozy den to sleep in when he can’t be supervised and your homes safety relies on your dog being safely crated as well.

  2. LOTS of safe chew toys for your new pup. Always do your research or verify with your vet what toys are safe for your new puppy to play with. There is never a guarantee that a toy will be completely safe, but there are some that are very high quality and are meant to occupy determined chewers:

~Nylabone, the original hard bone.

~Kong toys. Keep in mind, they come in different toughness so you’ll have to determine just how determined a chewer YOUR pup is.

~Stuffed toys made specifically for dogs. This is only a good idea if you don’t have children with stuffed animals of their own. Dogs can’t determine the difference between a kids stuffed animal and a dogs stuffed animal.

In addition, there are also a few that you will want to steer away from, no matter your dogs age:

~Rawhide- often manufactured with toxic chemicals, these chews can swell up and cause dangerous blockages in the throat and intestines.

~ Cooked bones-Can splinter and break casing damage to a dogs mouth or internal organs.

~Pigs ears-very fatty and can cause digestive upset.

3. A Schedule! This is very important for helping your new little furry family member learn

when it’s time to go outside, and when it’s time to eat and sleep. You can also teach them things like play time vs outside time for potty.

Having a new puppy is an exciting time, and so much fun! Don’t let the little things make you forget the adventure of watching your little guy grow into a big dog.

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